The Market Field

The main market field has 70 spaces* which can accommodate a standard 10x10-foot canopy; these will be marked on the grass in orange paint. There are also four more spaces (67T - 70T) on which sellers without canopies can set up their tables (these table spaces are normally unmarked; see the market manager if you'd like to set up on one of these.)  For now, all of the spaces remain available on a "first-come, first-pick" basis, although development is in progress for a limited online reservation system for spaces 1 - 33.

* There will be additional spaces set up for special events (scroll down.)


Tailgating is permissible in spaces 1 through 11, as long as booths do not extend into the walkways.  Spaces 23 - 44 have limited electrical capacity (think Christmas lights and portable fans, not hotplates and freezers) at no additional charge.

You may drive onto the field to unload, but please do so quickly, and with due consideration for the safety and convenience of customers and your fellow vendors.  The ONLY permissible ways for vendors to drive onto the field are from the parking lot side, or from Warm Springs Road though space #64 (for this reason, space #64 will normally be held open until all other spaces have been taken.)

                        Do NOT drive across the ditches.

Spaces 71-74 are also for "overflow" and special markets use only.


Market management is available (in space #1) to assist you in finding a space, or to answer any questions you might have.


Vendor Parking

The parking lot adjacent to the market field is intended for the use of our customers.  After setting up, vendors may park in either of the church parking lots across the street (feel free to park in any of the handicapped spaces; the handicap restrictions apply only to parking on Sundays.) You may also angle park along the treeline on the right side of Warm Springs Road, past the market field.

Please DO NOT park on the grassy road sides alongside the market field; doing so blocks the view of the market, and creates a safety hazard for visitors walking onto the field.


Special Event Market spaces

For special event markets (the annual Fall Festival, Christmas Craft Fair, and Spring Fling) there will be an additional two dozen spaces set up in two areas across the street, near the church buildings.  As with the main field spaces, these will be indicated with paint. 


To avoid damage to the sprinkler system,

DO NOT DRIVE STAKES or anything else

into the ground in these spaces.

Vendors in the thirteen full-size spaces in front of the Fellowship Hall should set up facing the sidewalk and building, so that customers will approach from that side (note: the backs of spaces FH12 and FH13 have a fairly steep slope towards the street.)  Vendors in the eleven spaces beside or near the fountain should set up facing into the grass, with the sidewalk or fountain behind them.

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